Hi, my name is

Zachary Gawthorp

A software engineer with a passion for creating responsive websites and web applications.

About Me Here you will find more information about me and my current skill set in terms of programming and technology. Just below this section you will find my most recent projects.

Get to know me

Hey! It's Zachary and I have a passion for creating things. My journey to coding is interesting and actually started back in 2016 when I installed a simple Wordpress theme for my photography website. I didn't like some of the features so I started researching how to change them. Before I knew it I was writing HTML and CSS.

Fast foward to today, and here I am, I liked it so much I decided to pursue coding full-time. Now I'm ready to be part of a team and use the skills I've learned to build fast responsive websites and web applications.

My Skills

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Projects Here you will find some of my most recent work.

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Marvel Character Search

Flask | Python | PostgreSQL

A web app that will allow users to search their favorite Marvel characters. Information such as, name, a brief description of the character, and comic appearances will be provided. Users will also be able to keep track of their favorite characters by adding them to a favorites list.

Demo GitHub
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Warbler Social App

Python | Flask | SQLAlchemy

The Warbler Social App is a twitter clone social media experience. It uses Bcrypt for authentication and SQLAlchemy for database management. It runs off of a Flask server and uses Jinja for template-based page rendering.

Demo GitHub
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JavaScript | jQuery | API

A jeopardy-like trivia game made with JavaScript and trivia api integration. Click on a question mark to reveal a clue, then click again to see the answer. Hit the 'Restart' button to get new categories and questions.

Demo GitHub

Contact Feel free to reach out by using the contact form below. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!